About Bunny Butt Yoga

Bunny Butt Yoga ManifestoThere was a point in your life when you were happy and accepting of your whole being. You were curious and playful. Excited by the sound of an ice-cream truck (or the bell of a minuta man walking past your house if you grew up in a Latin Community) without the worry of calories.

Something happened as you grew up and I’m here to challenge that train of thought; that way of life.

You then started to feel a pressure to be one way, to accept limitations for your body, to act in a way that's foreign from who you truly are. Bringing with it, a whole lot of self-doubt, social awkwardness, depression and anxiety. This has taken a toll on your personal belief of who you are and what you’re capable of.

My philosophy is simple: Feel Good. Do good!

The moment you start to feel good in your body, you miraculously begin to do amazing things for yourself and the environment that matters the most to you. And this is the purpose of Bunny Butt Yoga!


It all started with a pet rabbit and some yoga.

Mr LolaBunny Butt Yoga started when I was down in my version of "the dumps". I felt completely alone though I was surrounded by a loving support system but it was a pet rabbit that managed to keep me going as I grew in my strength while I struggled to keep my sweeter-side intact.

Mr. Lola (that was his name) became a blessing in disguise as I watched him nonchalantly hop around cats and kittens without a fear in his eye. He was bold, strong, and would not take a predator for face value.

This all gave birth to Bunny Butt Yoga.

Now, it's morphed into my service model - bringing together the sweeter side of yourself with the strength you may not have known existed within you (while supporting animals and the organizations that care for them).

The Challenge

With the exploration of the physical and spiritual connections through the body-centered practices of yoga you begin to move into self-confidence, happiness, self-acceptance, and so much more.

The purpose of Bunny Butt Yoga is to bring a high-spirited message of “Feel Good, Do Good” as a vehicle for self-exploration, self-acceptance, and self-confidence; as a way to rejuvenate your life and body and help establish a strong sense of Self – no matter how unforgiving you are of yourself.

The Bunny Butt Yoga mission: To create a physically strong and mentally fit community that supports one another as we navigate through our struggles of self-acceptance, body-love, and self-belief with compassion and cheer.


Hi! I'm Daisy.

BBY Lead Yoga Trainer  

500 Hour Yoga AllianceBelieve me when I say that I know what it’s like to wish for something that felt beyond my reach and yet, when offered, felt unworthy of receiving it; of moving and taking steps towards my ambitions while carrying the weight of my body and past hurts during limiting range of motion and debilitating headaches; of having the desire of being slightly different: less sensitive, less forgiving, less curvy, less kind, more assertive, more successful, more money-hungry.

I created Bunny Butt Yoga as an idea (a project if you will) to see how I can be of service in helping you overcome whatever self-imposed limits you’ve placed on yourself and your body that prevent you from moving, enjoying and thriving in life.

Through the practice of both the physical and subtle yoga teachings, I gained an understanding of what motivates me and what makes me ME. I’ve since chosen to move my body daily and eat well because I love how I feel afterwards - not to fit in or punish myself for enjoying a few amazing sugary goods!

Moving my body helps me get rid of added tension that clouds my mind and decision-making. It makes me feel stronger physically and mentally, plus with some great tunes, it can be a lot of fun too!

I’ve, personally, loved the process of keeping a regular yoga practice, and I want to introduce this concept to you. I believe in creating your own way of yoga – it may not look like yoga sometimes but the benefits are endless!

“When there’s a lot happening in life and you can’t make sense of it all, turning to something constant can help with the transitions.” – Daisy

Yoga and Body Image Coalition​Daisy is a proud member of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition teaching team. Her yoga classes are unique and accessible practices that encourage body acceptance and welcomes every BODY!